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Cristiano Righi is a versatile artist whose workstyle and philosophy are too big to put into words. This is one of the reasons why the web site is called simply "".


Web zone "" is chosen on purpose to reflect the boundless worldwide nature of everything that Righi has done so far in his life.


At the moment only a humble part of Righi`s works is featured here, which is mainly due to an extremely low capacity, both mental and phisical, of the person who has volunteered to put this site together.


It is hoped however, that once Righi comes into possession of the login and password and begins to modify the site on his own, it will shortly get filled in with many more images of his precious works. Some of them have already been stolen or acquired in a more honest way and became part of a number of most exquisite private collections around the globe.


It is a true blessing that the artist continues to dedicate most of his time to creative expressions, some of which will later be acknowledged as priceless masterpieces. 

Who knows if one day someone of you will join the club of a few lucky owners of an original Righi piece of art.


At this point you may be wondering about the 29.08.2014 date at the bottom here. Since much of Righi`s biography still remains to be discovered, the current webmaster thought it fair to unveil at least 1 thing that is certain about the artist`s life, which is Righi`s day and month of birth.


While there is no such certainty about the year, 2014 is used here for the sake of convenience, as it is on this date that Righi will see this web site for the first time. 


He will probably be disappointed by an apparently small amount of works presented here yet, hopefully, will get inspired enough to start working on it right away and have it become a useful guide for those who love and follow him in his lifelong art pursuit.



            TANTI AUGURI, A R T I S T A !


29 agosto 2014, Marina Dubinskaya


©2022 Cristiano Righi

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